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These are all the travel videos I have uploaded to date. Click the image to preview the creative commons footage. Access the watermark free version simply by right clicking on the link and then click 'save link as' to download.

Remember, do not re-upload or share my videos in their raw form (please splice, mix into your own content and be creative) and remember to provide credit in the following way: 

[insert title] CC-BY NatureClip

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Airplane take-off CC-BY NatureClip (NEW download link!)
Basel, Switzerland CC-BY NatureClip  (NEW download link!)
Blackpool Illuminations CC-BY NatureClip (NEW download link!)
Car Journey through peak district CC-BY NatureClip (NEW download link!)
Car Journey Time-lapse CC-BY NatureClip (New download link!)
Car Journey timelapse at night CC-BY NatureClip 
Cretian Sea CC-BY NatureClip
Driving at dawn CC-BY NatureClip (coming soon – email me if interested)
Frozen Britain CC-BY NatureClip (NEW download link!)
Gambian Sunset at the beach CC-BY NatureClip (NEW download link!)
Greek flag in slow motion CC-BY NatureClip (New download link!)
Flying over mountains CC-BY NatureClip (NEW download link!)
Hoover Dam Time-lapse CC-BY NatureClip (Coming soon – email if interested) 
Las Vegas time-lapse CC-BY NatureClip (NEW download link!)
Milan Castle Courtyard CC-BY NatureClip (NEW download link!)
Night travel time-lapse CC-BY NatureClip (coming soon – email if interested)
Real time-driving CC-BY NatureClip
(NEW download link!)
River Rhine in Basel (4K) CC-BY NatureClip (NEW download link!)
Travel Through Poland CC-BY NatureClip


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