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Royalty-Free Content Licenses

I will provide credit (Creative Commons by Attribution)

All my content shown on this website is licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0. This means it is FREE to re-use alongside credit. To use this license, simply attribute me alongside your video with a link to my channel or my website. For example:

video title CC-BY NatureClip

Or if you prefer, you can use the full Creative Commons credit:

Title by NatureClip (Based on work at www.natureclip.co.uk)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0

There is no cost to use my videos under a Creative Commons License.

No credit please (Royalty Free License)

Sometimes it is not possible to provide credit or not wanted. In this case, a Royalty Free license is available for projects where attribution is not wanted or is not possible such as:
  • Advertisement
  • Presentations
  • YouTube Intros
  • Background/Atmospheric content 

In summary, after purchasing a Royalty Free license you can:

  • Create unlimited projects to be uploaded (e.g. YouTube video). 
  • Create unlimited copies of projects or End Products for multiple clients which you can sell. 
  • Display the content (even in raw form) as a background on multiple occasions in one specified location (website, bar, theatre).  
  • You can use the video in a logo or trademark. 
  • You can modify or manipulate the Item.

What you cannot do:

  • Claim the content as your own (you are paying for permission to use it).
  • Transfer ownership or copyright (I remain the copyright owner at all times)
  • Sell or distribute the content in its raw form or as stock footage (same as above).
  • Breach my terms and conditions (e.g. spread hate using my content).

How much does it cost?

You can either instantly download a clip from Pond5 for $50 or if you support NatureClip (e.g. past donations - even if just $1) then the Royalty Free License costs just $30 per clip. 

You can also get discounts off this too:

Follow me on Twitter and tweet about my stock footage for 10% off.

Like and share my Facebook page for 10% off.

Subscribe and like the video you want to license for 10% off.

Do all three and the Royalty Free License costs just $15 (70% off!).

I also consider discounts when purchasing multiple clips! If you buy five or more clips then you get another 10% off. Combined with the above discounts, this would be just $10 per Royalty Free License! Remember, you can use the video as often as you want.

This is a not-for-profit initiative (and just a hobby). However, sharing these videos, hosting the site and creating the content does cost time and resources and so these non-attribution licenses help to cover the overheads of running this site. 

When emailing, please include the following:

Personal Name:
Business name:
YouTube channel (if applicable):
Brief description of intended usage: 
Title of video(s) requested:

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  1. hello, these are stunning. i am not a computer nerd - they came into use after i left school - how do download a copy without the name across the video. i understand i have to show the creator of the free footage. help please. step by step instruction would be could.