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Terms & Conditions

Put simply, you can use my videos for free by attributing me in your own project. For more information go to http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/legalcode. All I ask is that you do not turn my content around AS stock footage (sharing, selling etc without my permission). Please keep it creative. Legal stuff below.

By using my content you accept these terms and conditions and acknowledge that I own the rights to all my videos but you have permission to use them under a Creative Commons by Attribution License.
  1. You must not upload, share, sell or re-distribute my videos in their original format without my expressed permission. Under a Creative Commons license, you may not re-license or redistribute my original content as this would imply endorsement or connection with you (the licensor) without my permission (https://creativecommons.org/faq/).

  2. You may not re-upload my content elsewhere, or make them available for download as stock footage.

  3. It is free to for anyone to use my videos for their own projects but you must attribute me correctlyFailure to provide credit without prior agreement is a breach of copyright which may result in legal proceedings.If you cannot provide credit, please purchase a royalty free license or contact me by email to discuss other options.
  4. You may not use my content to spread hate or discriminate others in anyway. 
  5. You can only use these videos for lawful purposes. You cannot use my content in a way that is defamatory, discriminatory, obscene or demeaning, or in connection with sensitive subjects.

  6. You acknowledge that I reserve the right to amend and update my terms and conditions at any time. However, please rest assured that Creative Commons by Attribution will never be removed from these videos so no unexpected charges will ever occur for using my content alongside credit.
  7. The author of these videos (NatureClip) retains ownership of these videos but grants you the license on the above terms under the stated licenses.


  1. Hello sir can i upload your videos after dwonload on my you tube channel please tell me thanks

  2. Hello sir can i upload your videos after dwonload on my you tube channel please tell me thanks

  3. Hello - you can use my content in your YouTube videos alongside credit. These should be mixed in with your own content, please do not simply upload my raw content. Happy editing!

    1. Hi natureClip..I really love all of yours video,and I want yours permission to upload a few clips of yours on my youtube channel,I promise to add them with mine.I will be highly obliged for yours kind consideration.Please allow me.Thanking you in anticipation Sir.

  4. Hi. I really like your sunset slo-mo's - would I be able to use them alongside other content, in a video I'm creating, with your permission and your credit... Many thanks in advance.

    ps How would you like your credit to look?