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Q. How do I access your latest free videos?
Most of my videos can now be downloaded directly. Some content I reserve for those who support the site (running the site and creating this content takes a lot of time and resources, neither which I have).

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Q. How to I attribute you?

The title of the video you used CC-BY NatureClip      

Place this at end of video or in the info box. A link back to my channel or website helps others to find the content.

Q. Can I use your video to make money?
Yes, as long as you credit me.

Q. Can I edit your video to fit my music?

Q. Where is the download link?If not present, it may be that it is only available to supporters. It will be released soon - if you need it urgent;y, email me to discuss access options.

Q. I need to use your video but I won't be able to attribute you.
You can purchase a Royalty Free License (no credit required) but if you can't do that, please email me to discuss.

Q. Can I store your videos on my file sharing site?
No. That goes against the terms of the Creative Commons license.

Q. Can I sell your videos?
It depends on what you mean. You can use my videos in your project for commercial purposes but if they only consist of my work, you cannot sell them.

Q. If I created a video using your content and credited you, do I own the video? For example, could I enter the final project into film festivals and competitions or would that be breaching the T&C?

Your new creation can be assigned any license you like, you can copyright it, enter it into competitions and so on. That video is yours to do with what you wish (alongside credit). It is your video using my content which you have permission to use (alongside credit). However, as soon as you remove the credit, you are no longer abiding by the Creative Commons license.
If you create a compilation of just my videos and choose to sell them under a 'royalty free' license you would be claiming them as your own. This would be a breach of copyright.

Q. Why do you want me to subscribe to your channel/follow you on Twitter/like you on Facebook etc. to access your latest content? Isn't it all about the sharing? 
This is optional. I have done this with a small number of my videos and is to help spread news about my channel so I can share my content with more people.

Q. I don't use Twitter or Facebook, can I still use your videos? 

Q. I don't have a YouTube account, can I still access your videos for free?

Q. What happens if I don't attribute you?
It isn't hard to attribute an author so there isn't really an excuse for not doing so. I do appreciate that there are occasions where credit isn't possible so offer affordable alternatives. If these are not within your budget, pop me an email and we can discuss cost-effective (even free) alternatives.

Q. Is there a charge if I don't attribute you?
Not if you get permission beforehand. By using my content, you agree to my terms and conditions. If you do not attribute me without prior permission you are breaching copyright. There will be a cost for breaching copyright as well as legal fees.

Q. Do you own all these videos?
Yes. I create all my own original video content. I don't share videos that contain other people's video content under a creative commons license. 

Q. If I buy a 'non-attribution' or 'royalty free' license, do I own the video?No, I own all rights to my content. After buying the license, you have permission to use my content.

Q. Do you have more content that on this site?
I have well over 750GB worth of video content yet to be uploaded (just don't have the time, this is just a hobby of mine), some previews are in the 'library' videos, other are yet to be uploaded. Contact me if you have a specific video in mind or a request and I'll see what I can do.

Q. Why are some of your videos not under a 'creative commons license'?
To produce my FREE creative commons videos I need equipment, software, electricity and food. Unfortunately, very few people donate so I need to sell footage so fund this site.

Q.Can I use the background music in your demo video?
I use a range of creative commons background music which is always attributed in the video info box with a link. Please go to the original source.

Q. Can you edit a video for me?
I would be happy to edit a video for you. Please contact me to discuss. Please note, that I do not provide this service for free.

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