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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

RIP Canon 600D

After six years of wonderful companionship, I regret to announce the demise of my beloved Canon 600D. The camera suffered a sudden and irreparable Error 70. This legendary camera has brought you hundreds of clips of free stock footage which you can see in thousands of your awesome creations all over the internet. If you please, a moments silence for our fallen comrade....


Anywhoo, back in May 2018 I offered one of you the chance for early access to my latest content. Two of you entered (😂) so I tossed a coin and then decided to give it to both of you. Congrats Didier Martini and CleverTricksGames, your chosen clips will be sent to you very shortly.

 Brand new footage for 2018 

As I am now need of a replacement camera to create you even more free content, I am reaching out to ask you, the wonderfully creative community of YouTube and beyond, to donate towards a Canon 200D. This is a perfect replacement but doesn't come cheap setting me back $550, which I can't justify for giving away free stock footage. So....please help NatureClip keep sharing free footage!
  • For everyone who donates $10 or more, you get early access to any Full 1080p HD clip of your choosing to use under a Creative Commons by Attribution license. 
  • For those who donate $20 or more, you also get a shout out below with a link to your YouTube channel.
  • If you donate $50 or more, you also get a a link to one of your chosen videos.
  • Anyone donating $100 or more gets all the above and a shout out to your channel/website at the beginning of my next video upload with a link in the description!
  • If you are looking to increase your awareness to YouTubers and film makers, you've come to the right place. My Free Stock Footage has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. Donate equipment and you become a NatureClip sponsor with exposure on all my latest free footage as well as that warm tingly feeling that you are helping thousands of people to be creative!  

Amount donated towards a Canon 200D ($550)
$5 / $550

 A huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far....

DONATE now and get to be FIRST!

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